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Two citizens got hit by a mine in the liberated territory of Fuzuli district


As the Armenian armed forces retreat as a result of successful operations by the Azerbaijani Army, they continue to commit acts of provocation mining the territories, and criminal acts against our civilians, using new methods and techniques.

Thus, on November 14, at about 5 p.m., citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ahmadov Yasin Alasgar, born in 1984, and his brother Ahmadov Asif Alasgar, born in 1989, got hit by a mine in the liberated territory of Fuzuli district. As a result Yasin Ahmadov died and Asif Ahmadov was seriously injured.

The scene and the body were immediately inspected by the prosecution authorities, a forensic examination was appointed, and other procedural actions were carried out.

Upon the fact, criminal proceeding was instituted by Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan under Article 100.2 (planning, preparation, implementation or conducting aggressive war), Article 116.0.6 (violation of international humanitarian law during an armed conflict), and other articles of the Criminal Code. The investigation is conducted by the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Intensive investigative measures are underway.

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