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The structure of the Anti-Corruption General Directorate with the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan includes the following departments and divisions: 

  • Organisational and Information Support Department – (chancellery, economic sector and Information Technology application sector);
  • Investigation Department;
  • Preventive Measures and Inquiry Department;
  • Operations Department;
  • Operational Support Division;
  • Expert Analyses Division.

Organisational and Information Support Department 
Functions of the Department: analysis of information on corruption offenses, control over the implementation of the Regulations of the General Directorate, preparation of reports, organization of the work of a unified database on corruption crimes, the Hot Line call center, preparation of methodological recommendations, systematization of legislation, international relations, preparation of information for the press and other questions.
Preventive Measures and Inquiry Department 
Functions of the Department: conduct research on information received from government agencies, legal entities and individuals, as well as the Hot Line contact center in connection with corruption offenses, identify trends in corruption through analysis, prepare proposals for their prevention and other issues.
Investigation Department 
Functions of the Department: initiation of criminal cases on corruption crimes, preliminary investigation, compensation for material damage caused by corruption crimes, as well as the adoption of measures provided by law to ensure the confiscation of property and other issues. 

Operations Department 
Functions of the Department: preparation and conduct of operational-search activities to prevent, detect and disclose corruption crimes, implementation of appropriate measures for the search and detention of persons hiding from the investigation and court for committing corruption crimes, and other issues.

Operational Support Division 
Functions of the Division: to provide the necessary assistance to prosecutors and investigators during the preliminary investigation and investigation of corruption offenses, to carry out operational support, during the preparation, installation and dismantling of technical equipment, to carry out operational-search activities, the use of information systems, video and audio recording, cinema and photography, as well as others technical means and other issues.

Expert Analyses Division 
Functions of the Division: during the preliminary investigation of the information received on corruption offenses and the investigation of corruption crimes, conducting inspections in the field of finance, accounting, banking, credit, science, technology and other professions, drawing up an opinion on the results of inspections, providing specialized advice and recommendations to prosecutors and investigators on the materials of the preliminary investigation and criminal cases, etc. 

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