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"Azerbaijani Prosecutor" Journal

Note from editor-in-chief


   I would like to present the first edition of the Azerbaijani Prosecutor Journal, the official law review journal published by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Choosing English as the medium of address, I pursue wider outreach to potential international partners and in the best spirit of openness to new ideas and reforms, following in the footsteps of our leader President İlham Aliyev.
   The Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a constitutional body, which belongs to the Judicial Branch of Power. İt plays a pivotal role in shaping the Criminal Law Policy and guarding human rights in Azerbaijan. This institution has an exclusive prerogative of representing the public prosecution in court and State interest in civil matters when the situation so requires.
   This publication is symbolic in reflecting the continuous and intensive efforts to develop the prosecutorial work according to the democratic values and principles, and in line with recommendations and expert opinions of the Council of Europe. The new institutional, regulatory, and skill-building measures, which come as part and parcel of the ongoing reform, aim at empowering the individual prosecutors, in order to put them in the center of the System.
   For years, the Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan, in its institutional capacity, has been contributing to the research and analysis conducted by academia and researchers by providing materials for case studies, statistics, and advice. The Azerbaijani prosecutors reviewed the criminal and non-criminal practice, identified gaps in the regulation and faults in practice only as individual researchers. Therefore it appears to be the right moment to unmake this dichotomy. This Journal aims at building a new environment fostering a research-based approach in the solution of practical dilemmas.
   Furthermore, this publication shall provide the forum for sharing ideas and experience not only among prosecutors but among the legal community of Azerbaijan. Our Journal meets the requirements of the highest academic authority in the country and has the potential to reach a wide audience of professionals, academia, and students. The presence of prominent members of international academia in our Editorial Board increases capacity to secure a high academic level of our articles.
   I would like to invite law professionals from among judges, prosecutors, and lawyers, as well as researchers and academicians from all parts of the world to join this Forum and share their valuable papers.



Dr. Kamran Aliyev 
Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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