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The territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan is 86.6 thousand km2 (11.5% of forest, 1.6% of water basins, 50.0% of arable land, including 27.0% of premises, 36.9% of other land).

The country is located at 39 ° 24 ', 41 ° 54' north latitude and 44 ° 46 ', 50 ° 45' east longitude, Baku is at 40 ° parallel.

It borders Iran 765 km south and Turkiye 15 km, Russia 390 km north, Georgia 480 km north-west and Armenia 1007 km west.

The coastline is 713 km long, the distance from Baku to the North Pole is 5,550 km, and the distance to the equator is 4,440 km.

The Azerbaijan Republic includes one autonomous body - the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, 65 districts, 69 cities, 13 urban districts, 130 urban-type settlements and 4,354 rural settlements.





area (km2)

It is divided into 12 administrative districts: Binagadi, Khazar, Khatai, Garadag, Narimanov, Nasimi, Nizami, Sabunchu, Sabail, Surakhani, Yasamal, Pirallahi.

Baku is the industrial, scientific and cultural center of Azerbaijan. The basis of its economy is oil and gas industry, machine building, production of food products, beverages, textile industry, production of leather and leather products, clothing, footwear, construction, communication, transport etc.

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