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Vacancy announcement

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan announces a competition for recruitment in the prosecution office. 
As a result of consistent and systematic measures taken under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, who successfully continues the development strategy defined by national leader Heydar Aliyev, important steps were taken to comprehensively develop Azerbaijani youth and create opportunities for active participation in all spheres of public life. Continuing the state youth policy implemented in the country in the prosecution office, the competitive recruitment of young people with a higher legal education ensured the reform of the prosecutor's office staff at the expense of young lawyers with high theoretical knowledge and moral qualities, loyal to the ideas of statehood.
In accordance with the requirements of the Regulations "On the Rules for Conducting Competitions with Candidates for Recruitment in the Prosecution Office" approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated June 19, 2001, based on the results of 20 competitions since 2002, 902 young lawyers were hired, which is 70 % of the total number of prosecutors, which is a logical manifestation of successful reforms.
As a continuation of the above measures, the Prosecutor General's Office announces another competition for 80 staff positions for those who wish to work in the prosecution office. 
To determine the level of knowledge, general outlook, suitability and suitability of each candidate for the position of prosecutor or investigator, a competition will be organized, consisting of qualification exams (tests and written exam) and interviews, in full openness and transparency and in accordance with international requirements. Among those who have shown equal results, preference will be given to those who speak foreign languages.
Those wishing to submit documents for participation in the competition are informed that the higher legal education of candidates must be confirmed by a diploma duly recognized on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, they must be fluent in the state language and have the right to participate in elections. Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan under the age of 30 are employed by the Prosecution Office.
According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On the Prosecution Office", the following are not recruited by the Prosecution Office:
- persons with dual citizenship;
- having obligations to other states;
- religious figures;
- persons whose incapacity or limited legal capacity has been confirmed by the court, who, on the basis of a medical report, are unable to fulfill the duties of a prosecutor, investigator or prosecution officer due to their physical and mental disabilities; 
- persons susceptible to alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse and other serious illnesses (if there is a doctor's opinion on this);
- previously convicted persons, as well as persons in respect of whom a criminal case was terminated without exculpatory grounds;
- persons dismissed from office for serious misconduct, or for actions incompatible with the position of a prosecutor, investigator or prosecution officer;
- citizens of draft age who have not passed the mandatory military service established by law (with the exception of those who have the right to postponement of mandatory military service or who are exempted from conscription on legal grounds).
Currently, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, protect public health, regulate the activities of the relevant departments in accordance with the orders of the Cabinet of Ministers on the norms of working in a special regime, it is envisaged to receive documents of persons wishing to join the prosecutor's office in electronic form, and for this purpose procedures for receiving documents have been completely simplified.
Thus, candidates wishing to participate in the competition and meet the requirements established by law, starting from April 5, 2020, by sending the corresponding application and photocopies of the following documents in electronic format to the address of the Prosecutor General's Office can take part in the testing, which is the initial stage of the competition:
- copy of the identity card;
- a copy of a diploma of higher education (jurisprudence or international law) (candidates who studied abroad - also a certificate of recognition of the diploma in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan);
- questionnaire for personnel records; Download
- autobiography; Download
- 4 color photographs on a white background measuring 4x6 cm.
About the information that will be reflected in the biography: Download
Applicants will be notified of the receipt of documents by e-mail.
Candidates with scores of 70 or more will be admitted to the written examination.
The time and place of testing, the list of normative documents used in the preparation of examination questions and other questions related to the competition will be published in the media, including on the website of the Prosecutor General's Office (,
For more information, please call 437-28-56, 492-74-32, 492-06-82, 492-62-23.

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