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The building of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku city owes its unique appearance to various factors, first, of course, to its oil.
Through income from oil production and trade, oil magnates ordered the construction of beautiful buildings in Baku to well-known world and Azerbaijani architects, many of which still give our city a special appearance today.
One of these buildings is the administrative building of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan, located at the intersection of Nizami (former Gubernskaya) and Murtuza Mukhtarov (former Persian) streets.

On May 16, 1883, the Rothschild barons, who were actively engaged in oil production and trade in Baku, incorporated the "Caspian-Black Sea Oil Production Trade Society" in Baku.
The construction of the central office (head office) of the Rothschild millionaires in Baku was necessary due to the fact that their business was a success. For the construction of this office, they referred to Kazimir Brunovich Skurevich (1866-1960), a citizen of Poland. Kazimir Skurevich graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Civil Engineers in 1894, arrived in Baku in 1895 at the invitation of the Baku city architect Iosif Vikentievich Goslavsky (1865-1904), a Pole by nationality, worked as a field architect in the City Administration for some time. After the death of Joseph Goslavsky in 1904, Kazimir Skurevich was appointed architect of Baku city. It is no coincidence that the Rothschilds, who liked the works by Kazimir Skurevich as an architect, entrusted him with the construction of the central administrative building of the Society, and the latter gladly accepted this offer. Kazimir Skurevich agreed to participate in the construction of the Society's building not only because of the Rothschilds' royalty, but primarily because he wished to create an impressive building composition at the intersection of Persian and Gubernskaya streets, which is the center of Baku. Thus, in 1898-1899, Baku was replenished with another beautiful building built in the style of French Gothic and Gothic Art Nouveau, in short, neo-Gothic style.
Although the colors of buildings built in the Gothic style are traditionally built using dark-colored stones, during the construction of this building, Kazimir Skurevich used light-colored Absheron facing stones, aglay, which gave the building a special grandeur.
For some time, the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan SSR was located in this building.
After the appointment of Zamanov Abbas Taghi as the prosecutor of the republic, a new administrative building of the Prosecution Office was built.
When the Prosecutor General's Office was relocated to a new building, its building was renovated in accordance with the standards of that time and was transferred to Baku City Prosecution Office. At that time, Baku City Prosecution Office was located in the old building of Sabail District Prosecution Office, located on Istiglaliyat Street. Sabail District Prosecution office was located on the first floor of the “Azerittifag” administrative building.
It should be noted that today the very building – administrative building of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan is officially an architectural monument of state importance.

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