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For many years, the Armenian side has been referring to the Sumgait events to justify its separatist and occupation policies, the Khojaly genocide and other crimes committed on Azerbaijani lands. Armenia, which occupied 20 percent of our country's territory and carried out a policy of ethnic cleansing, presents the events in Sumgait as a deliberate act organized by Azerbaijan. This propaganda campaign, launched back in 1988, was aimed at instilling in the world community the idea of ​​the cruelty of Azerbaijanis against Armenians, the impossibility of joint residence of Armenians with Azerbaijanis as part of one state. In order to present its lies for the truth, the Armenian side does not hesitate to resort to distortion of facts, forgery of documents and other dirty methods used throughout history. Such false information is massively posted on the Internet and special sites are created for their distribution. Armenia appeals to various international structures with statements that the Sumgait events are genocide by Azerbaijanis against Armenians. The lack of a fair legal assessment of these events as a result of the investigative and judicial processes carried out in 1988-1990 in connection with the riots in the city of Sumgait, as well as the failure to establish and prosecute their real customers and organizers created conditions for Armenia's activities in this area. ... So, despite the fact that in connection with these events, on March 28, 1988, the Sumgait City Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case on the grounds of Art. 72 (riots) of the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan SSR, in force at that time, already on March 1, 1988, the case was taken into consideration by the investigation group of the USSR Prosecutor General's Office, it was assigned No. 18 / 55461-88 and the investigation was continued. The investigative group of the USSR Prosecutor General's Office, at the direction of Mikhail Gorbachev, settled on the version of the events committed by the hooligan elements and began to conduct a case to formalize this version. Taking advantage of the fact that the Sumgait events were not given an objective legal and political assessment, the Armenian separatists began the process of forcible withdrawal of Nagorno-Karabakh from Azerbaijan. Immediately after the events in Sumgait in Armenia, the Soviet press and at the international level launched an information campaign against Azerbaijan. This campaign has been running consistently for twenty-three years. In order to appeal to international structures to bring the organizers of the crime to justice and to determine the legal basis for this, on the instructions of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, the conduct of 5 criminal cases regarding the mass riots committed in Sumgait on February 27-29, 1988, the investigation of which was conducted and was terminated, was resumed by the resolution of the Prosecutor General’s Office  of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated March 19, 2010 and combining them into one proceeding was entrusted to the investigative-operational group consisting of investigators and operatives of the prosecutor's office, the Ministries of Internal Affairs and National Security. In order to conduct a full, comprehensive and objective investigation to the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Committee of Ministers, the State Committee for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, the Ministries of Internal Affairs, National Security, Culture and Tourism, Transport, the Supreme Court, the Confederation of Trade Unions, the City Executive Power Sumgait, the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice, a number of mass media of the republic, as well as the Prosecutor General’s Office  of the Russian Federation and other foreign countries were sent corresponding inquiries, testimonies of numerous witnesses of the Sumgait events, other persons with information about these events were obtained, including of persons belonging to the investigative group of the USSR Prosecutor's Office, archival documents were opened, information provided in the press was analyzed, other necessary investigative and operational measures were taken. The investigation found that as a result of the riots in Sumgait, 32 people of various nationalities died, 26 of whom were Armenians by nationality, more than 400 people were injured of varying degrees, more than 200 apartments were looted, more than 50 cultural facilities were destroyed, more than 40 cars were damaged and one part was burned, the state suffered material damage in the amount of 7 million rubles at the then prices. In connection with the events, 444 people answered before the court, of which 400 people were kept in isolation wards for 10-15 days, 94 people were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, and one person, Akhmed Akhmedov, was sentenced to death.
In the course of the investigation, carried out by the current investigative group, it was fully proved that the true essence of the Sumgait events was a bloody provocation as the "official reason" for the struggle to separate Nagorno-Karabakh from Azerbaijan. It was found that due to the fact that Sumgait is an industrial city, given that mainly ordinary workers live here, the difficult socio-economic situation in the city, the resettlement of Azerbaijani refugees expelled from Armenia, it was decided to organize a provocative action against Azerbaijan. in this city, thus the State Security Committee developed a plan for the Sumgait provocation, a specially prepared provocative group was sent to Sumgait, and various criminal elements were involved in this provocation by the Armenians. And the leadership of Sumgait and the activities of local power structures were paralyzed by the instructions and orders of Moscow. So, even the employees of the city department of internal affairs were confiscated with service weapons, the law enforcement agencies of the city were forbidden to independently take measures against criminal actions, to carry out operational and investigative actions, despite the fact that in the territory of Azerbaijan, including in the cities of Baku and Sumgait , there was a sufficient number of military forces to prevent riots in Sumgait, but for unknown reasons the Soviet leadership brought in the forces of military units deployed in Russia, but they also did not take the necessary measures to prevent riots. After Sumgait, according to the same scenario that was tested there, in other republics of the Soviet Union, tragic events were organized that led to numerous human casualties. Information that the Sumgait events were organized by the USSR special services was obtained during the investigation carried out back in 1989-1990. So, despite the fact that in the materials of the criminal case initiated at that time, there was a sufficient amount of evidence that the Armenian Eduard Grigoryan, who led the group that committed robberies in Sumgait, actively participated in the murder, rape, destruction of the property of Armenians, on the eve of mass of the riots, he met with suspicious persons, received from them a list of Armenians living in Sumgait, during the events he handed out alcoholic drinks and psychotropic drugs to members of his group, this information was not investigated by the investigative group of the USSR Prosecutor's Office, on the contrary, information that could reveal the organizers of the riots, was sheltered. To the inquiries of the law enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan on this matter, Armenia and Moscow received abstract answers that did not contain any information, hindered the conduct of operational-search measures aimed at establishing Grigoryan's ties with Armenian nationalists. Under such conditions, the main questions regarding who organized the pogroms in Sumgait, who was behind these riots, remained unanswered. From the testimony of law enforcement officers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who were included in the investigation group of the USSR Prosecutor General’s Office  and acted as part of this group, it is clear that V.S. Galkin, Senior Investigator for Especially Important Cases under the USSR Prosecutor General's Office, the main investigative actions in the case were carried out by investigators sent from the USSR Prosecutor General's Office, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. It can be said that the leaders of the investigation group did not carry out investigative actions to identify the customers and organizers of the crime, were not interested in exposing them, therefore they demanded the prompt completion and transfer of the case against the perpetrators of the crime to the court, tried to keep the investigators of Azerbaijani nationality away from main investigative steps. True, in connection with the Sumgait events, the investigative-operational group of the Prosecutor's Office of the former USSR, which involved about 200 investigators and the same number of operatives from different republics of the Union and law enforcement agencies, collected, investigated a huge amount of materials and brought many people to justice. However, the dogmatic assumption put forward from the very beginning of the investigation that the victims of the events were allegedly Armenians, and the perpetrators were Azerbaijanis, served as the reason for a one-sided and rather biased investigation, serving a certain political order.
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Tak, v otnoshenii lits s armyanskimi familiyami, zaderzhannykh vo vremya besporyadkov v Sumgaite, ne bylo provedeno nikakikh rassledovaniy, oni srazu zhe byli otpushcheny kak «postradavshiye», i mnogiye ostalis' bez otvetstvennosti. A Grigoryan Eduard Robertovich ne smog uklonit'sya ot ugolovnoy otvetstvennosti, tak kak byl opoznan postradavshimi armyankami Marinoy i Karinoy Mezhlumyan i ikh materiyu Rozoy Mezhlumyan, kotoryye byli iznasilovany im. Kak vidno iz provedennogo rassledovaniya i priobretennykh arkhivnykh materialov, armyanskiye natsionalisticheskiye organizatsii i organy spetssluzhb ochen' staralis', chtoby osvobodit' Eduarda Grigoryana ot otvetstvennosti. Nesluchayno, chto nesmotrya na to, chto Eduard Grigoryan, kotoryy po zakonu dolzhen byl otbyvat' nakazaniye na territorii Azerbaydzhanskoy SSR, vskore posle togo, kak byl prigovoren k dlitel'nomu sroku lisheniya svobody, za kakiye-to zaslugi byl otpravlen v Armeniyu dlya otbyvaniya nakazaniya, gde byl osvobozhden. Iz mnogochislennykh pokazaniy zhiteley Sumgaita, rodivshikhsya i prozhivavshikh tam, a takzhe neposredstvennykh svideteley sobytiy vidno, chto litsa «v chernykh plashchakh» (v chernoy odezhde), organizovavshiye besporyadki ne byli iz Sumgaita, v bol'shinstve sluchayakh oni govorili mezhdu soboy na armyanskom, khorosho vladeli azerbaydzhanskim yazykom, v khode sobytiy veli propagandu protiv armyan, razdavali lyudyam spirtnyye napitki, sil'nodeystvuyushchiye tabletki, den'gi, kuski zheleza i dr. i vodili pogromshchikov v zaraneye izvestnyye im adresa armyan. Vnov' otkryvshiyesya obstoyatel'stva pokazyvayut, chto massovyye besporyadki, proizoshedshiye v Sumgaite, byli organizovany emissarami, pribyvshimi po osobym porucheniyam iz Nagornogo Karabakha i agentami KGB, i ispolneny neposredstvenno ot"yavlennym prestupnikom 1959 goda rozhdeniya, raneye 3-zhdy sudimym, otbyvshim nakazaniye v vide lisheniya svobody obshchim srokom 9 let 2 mesyatsa 13 dney, armyaninom po natsional'nosti Eduardom Grigoryanom po prozvishchu «Pasha» i yeshche dvumya yego brat'yami, Al'bertom i Ernisom. Emissary iz Nagornogo Karabakha podrobno proinstruktirovali Eduarda Grigoryana, dali yemu spisok i tochnyye adresa armyan, prozhivayushchikh v Sumgaite, kotoryye ne perechislyali den'gi v sozdannyye separatistami organizatsii «Karabakh» i «Krunk», s tsel'yu uvelicheniya agressivnosti obespechili Grigoryana psikhotropnymi preparatami i spirtnymi napitkami, kotoryye on dolzhen byl rasprostranit' sredi uchastnikov besporyadkov, a v khode sobytiy Eduard Grigoryan i yego brat Al'bert Grigoryan v kachestve kholodnogo oruzhiya razdali lyudyam kuski armatury. Grigoryan Eduard Robertovich, nashel obshchiy yazyk so svoimi, kak i on sam, prestupno nastroyennymi sosedyami, razdal im spirtnyye napitki i spetsial'nyye tabletki, vyzyvayushchiye agressiyu v cheloveke, skazav, chto u nikh poyavilsya khoroshiy shans na razboynichestvo i grabezh, privel ikh za soboy na ploshchad', gde provodilsya mirnyy miting protiv armyanskikh prityazaniy na Karabakh, tam on predstavilsya kak azerbaydzhanets, priyekhavshiy iz Kafana, rasskazyvaya uchastnikam mitinga o tom, chto yakoby armyane unichtozhili tam mirnoye azerbaydzhanskoye naseleniye, chto oni privezli tseluyu mashinu trupov, prizval ikh otomstit' armyanam, skazav, chto u nego imeyetsya spisok i adresa prozhivayushchikh zdes' armyan, on napravil okolo 100 podrostkov i razlichnykh prestupnykh elementov, prisoyedinivshikhsya k nemu, v kvartiry, gde prozhivali armyane, kotoryye otkazyvalis' platit' den'gi v organizatsii «Karabakh» (komitet) i «Krunk» (obshchestvo) s takimi lozungami kak «Karabakh nash!», «Ubit' armyan!», prinimal aktivnoye uchastiye v grabezhakh i drugikh prestupleniyakh, i lichno ubili 6 armyan. Iz arkhivnykh materialov Komiteta Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti stalo izvestno, chto emissary Nagorno-Karabakhskikh separatistov, agenty KGB SSSR Sarkisyan, Osipov (Osipyan) i drugiye prinimali aktivnoye uchastiye v sumgaitskikh sobytiyakh i srazu posle etikh sobytiy byli komandirovany v sredneaziatskiye respubliki. Sledy etikh agentov byli vposledstvii obnaruzheny vo vremya sobytiy v Uzbekistane i Kyrgyzstane. Dannyy fakt odnoznachno podtverzhdayet, chto provokatsii v Sumgaite, Fargane, Oshe i drugikh mestakh byvshego SSSR byli organizovanny i upravlyalis' iz odnogo tsentra. Iz arkhivnykh materialov KGB vidno, chto aktivist separatistskogo komiteta «Karabakh» v Sumgaite Konstantin Pkhakadze, drugiye aktivisty dannogo komiteta, a takzhe obshchestva "Krunk", zanimalas' provokatsionnoy deyatel'nost'yu. I segodnya armyane zanimayutsya rasprostraneniyem slukhov o tom, chto aktivnyy uchastnik massovykh besporyadkov v Sumgaite armyanin Grigoryan Eduard Robertovich ne uchastvoval v sobytiyakh, o tom, chto v otnoshenii nego sobrany lozhnyye dokazatel'stva iz-za yego armyanskogo proiskhozhdeniya, a v nekotorykh sluchayakh voobshche o tom, chto on ne armyanin, chto mat' yego byla azerbaydzhankoy, chto pasporte yego natsional'nost' otmechena kak azerbaydzhanets.
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Thus, no investigations were carried out in relation to persons with Armenian surnames detained during the riots in Sumgait, they were immediately released as “victims”, and many were left without responsibility. And Grigoryan Eduard Robertovich could not evade criminal responsibility, as he was identified by the injured Armenian women Marina and Karina Mezhlumyan and their matter Rosa Mezhlumyan, who were raped by him. As can be seen from the investigation and the acquired archival materials, the Armenian nationalist organizations and special services did their best to release Eduard Grigoryan from responsibility.
It is no coincidence that despite the fact that Eduard Grigoryan, who by law was supposed to serve his sentence on the territory of the Azerbaijan SSR, shortly after he was sentenced to a long term of imprisonment, was sent to Armenia for some merit to serve his sentence, where was released.
From the numerous testimonies of Sumgait residents who were born and lived there, as well as from direct witnesses of the events, it is clear that the persons “in black raincoats” (in black clothes) who organized the riots were not from Sumgait, in most cases they spoke Armenian among themselves, knew In the Azerbaijani language, during the events they carried out propaganda against the Armenians, distributed alcoholic drinks, potent pills, money, pieces of iron, etc. to people and took the pogromists to the addresses of the Armenians known to them in advance.
     The newly discovered circumstances show that the riots that took place in Sumgait were organized by emissaries who arrived on special assignments from Nagorno-Karabakh and KGB agents, and were executed directly by a notorious criminal born in 1959, previously convicted of 3 years, who served a sentence of imprisonment in general for a period of 9 years 2 months 13 days, an Armenian by nationality Eduard Grigoryan, nicknamed "Pasha" and his two brothers, Albert and Ernis. Emissaries from Nagorno-Karabakh gave detailed instructions to Eduard Grigoryan, gave him a list and exact addresses of Armenians living in Sumgait, who did not transfer money to the organizations “Karabakh” and “Krunk” created by separatists, in order to increase the aggressiveness they provided Grigoryan with psychotropic drugs and alcohol it was supposed to distribute among the participants in the riots, and during the events Eduard Grigoryan and his brother Albert Grigoryan handed out pieces of reinforcement to people as cold weapons. Grigoryan Eduard Robertovich, found a common language with his, like himself, criminally-minded neighbors, gave them alcoholic beverages and special pills that cause aggression in a person, saying that they had a good chance of robbery and robbery, led them to the square where a peaceful rally was held against the Armenian claims to Karabakh, where he introduced himself as an Azerbaijani who had arrived from Kafan, telling the rally participants that the Armenians allegedly destroyed the peaceful Azerbaijani population there, that they had brought a whole car of corpses, urged them to take revenge on the Armenians, saying that he had a list and addresses of Armenians living here, he sent about 100 teenagers and various criminal elements who joined him to apartments where Armenians lived, who refused to pay money to the organization "Karabakh" (committee) and "Krunk" ( society) with such slogans as "Karabakh is ours!", "Kill Armenians!", took an active part in robberies and other crimes, and personally kill whether 6 Armenians.
From the archival materials of the State Security Committee it became known that emissaries of the Nagorno-Karabakh separatists, agents of the KGB of the USSR Sarkisyan, Osipov (Osipyan) and others took an active part in the Sumgait events and immediately after these events were sent to the Central Asian republics. Traces of these agents were subsequently discovered during the events in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. This fact unambiguously confirms that the provocations in Sumgait, Fargan, Osh and other places of the former USSR were organized and controlled from one center.
From the archival materials of the KGB it is clear that the activist of the “Karabakh” separatist committee in Sumgait, Konstantin Pkhakadze, and other activists of this committee, as well as the “Krunk” society, were engaged in provocative activities.
And today the Armenians are spreading rumors that an active participant in the riots in Sumgait, Armenian Eduard R. Grigoryan did not participate in the events, that false evidence was collected against him because of his Armenian origin, and in some cases even that, that he is not Armenian, that his mother was Azerbaijani, that his nationality is marked as Azerbaijani in his passport.
The fact that Eduard Grigoryan is an active participant in the riots committed in the city of Sumgait is proved by the documents collected during the preliminary and judicial investigation, and there is a valid verdict of the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan SSR dated December 22, 1989 against him. It was established that in the passport of Eduard Grigoryan, attached to the investigative materials of this criminal case, in the form No. 1 on obtaining a passport and in the documents of military service in the column, nationality is marked as Armenian. At present, operational-search measures are being continued to establish the whereabouts of Eduard Grigoryan. This investigation also established that the majority of Armenians living in Sumgait knew in advance about the impending mass riots. Thus, in the course of an additional investigation it was found that more than 100 families living in Sumgait, having withdrawn their money from savings banks, left the city before the riots began. Most of the families who left the city were wealthy families. It was established that the day before, the employees of the Armenian special services arrived in Baku and Sumgait, settled in the hotels located here and held secret conversations with the Armenians. Another fact that the riots in Sumgait were a pre-organized action is that unknown video operators were located along the entire route of the pogromists, who were filming all the actions of the participants in the riots, and the operational display of these frames on television channels in Western countries. There is no doubt that the persons filming the video knew in advance about the plans of the pogromists. As noted above, during the riots in Sumgait, Armenians did everything to create a brutal image of Azerbaijanis. However, it should be noted that more than 18 thousand Armenians lived in Sumgait at that time, the murder of only 26 Armenians became possible as a result of the fact that Azerbaijanis selflessly defended and hid their Armenian neighbors. In the course of the investigation carried out at present, women of Armenian nationality were interrogated, who testified in their testimonies that during the events in Sumgait, Azerbaijanis saved the lives of hundreds of Armenians. In addition, in the course of this investigation, the investigators of the Prosecutor's Office of the Armenian SSR, at the direction of the investigative group of the Prosecutor's Office of the USSR, interrogated some of the Armenians who had moved from Sumgait to Armenia, who also noted that the Azerbaijanis had saved their lives. The Armenian press continues to assert today that not a single Azerbaijani was killed during the Sumgait events, thereby trying to present these events as a movement of Azerbaijanis directed directly against the Armenians. Despite these allegations of Armenians, during the investigation of these criminal cases, it was established that the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Baku Garrison investigated and groundlessly terminated the criminal case on the murder of 5 Azerbaijanis when military units were brought into the city in connection with the Sumgait events. In the course of additional investigation carried out in this criminal case, it was established that the driver of the Baku bus depot No. 1, an Armenian by nationality Markarian Valeri Vaskanovich, intentionally ran into the bus that he was driving in the city of Sumgait, on people walking on the sidewalk, as a result 4 Azerbaijanis. Vyacheslav Sergeevich Orlov, a witness to the events, reported that Valeri Markaryan hit the Azerbaijanis with a bus back in March 1988, when he was interrogated by the investigators of the investigation group of the USSR Prosecutor General's Office. He confirmed his testimony during the confrontation with Markaryan, confirming Orlov's testimony during the confrontation, Markarian was forced to confess to the crime. However, the Russian national investigators who were investigating at the time, for unknown reasons, presented the incident as if the victims themselves were to blame, and, contrary to the case file, despite the fact that this material was in the case They came to the conclusion that the Azeris were allegedly killed not under a bus, but by accident, under the tracks of armored vehicles driven by the military. Close relatives of the victims still thought that the incident was committed by the military. Thus, a condition was created that the Armenian criminal who committed the crime would still remain unpunished. Currently, the investigation into the riots in Sumgait continues. In order to check the legality and validity of the sentences passed in criminal cases considered in the courts of the Azerbaijan SSR in connection with the Sumgait events, by order of the Prosecutor General, a commission was created from among the employees of the prosecutor's office, which, inquiring, examines these criminal cases.

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