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Extracts from the decision of the Judicial Board on Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan SSR dated December 22, 1989 on returning the criminal case against Eduard Grigoryan and others to the partial additional investigation

"Thus, it appears that no verdict, no indictment or acquittal can be handed down in the present case on these charges, and if so, it cannot remain in force in the future. Since the requirements of Article 19 of the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan SSR were violated during the investigation, the case was not investigated thoroughly, fully and objectively.
At the same time, the investigative body conducted a one-sided and incomplete investigation and did not try to identify the organizers of these events. Despite the fact that during the investigation the defendants N.S.Safarov, G.G.Mammadov, E.A.Ganjaliyev and others testified in their testimonies and freely written statements that defendant Eduard Grigoryan distributed drugs to them before the incident. Then he took out a piece of paper with the address of the Armenians and took them to the addresses written on that paper and instructed them to destroy the apartments. Defendant N.S.Safarov reaffirmed this in court. However, for some reason it was not taken into account during the investigation. Therefore, during the additional investigation, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive and objective investigation of this case and come to a definite conclusion.
Therefore, comprehensive, objective investigation should be conducted and, depending on its outcomes, a decision must be made".

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