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Our activities

The Directorate has the following duties and rights according to the “Regulations of the Anti-Corruption Directorate with the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan” adopted in 2015:

  • to examine and investigate information received regarding corruption offences;
  • to start a criminal case and carry out prejudicial inquiry regarding corruption crimes;
  • to carry out operational and search activities with the aim to prevent, detect and disclose corruption crimes, to supervise legality of operational and search activities executed by other agencies under written assignment of the Directorate;
  • to implement legislative measures aimed to compensate pecuniary damage by corruption crimes, as well as to secure possible confiscation of proceeds of crime;
  • to gather, analyze and generalize information regarding corruption offences, to prepare proposals and recommendations for improvement of effectiveness of anti-corruption struggle;
  • to implement security measures regarding witnesses, victims, accused and other persons participating in criminal process during preliminary investigation of corruption crimes;
  • periodically to inform the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as Commission on Combating Corruption about measures taken in the field of anti-corruption struggle by means of Prosecutor General;
  • to cooperate with state agencies and other organizations in the field of anti-corruption struggle;
  • to implement security measures regarding staff of the Directorate and their family members;
  • to inform the community about measures taken in the field of anti-corruption struggle and to secure transparency in its activity;
  • to execute enlightenment and other preventive measures;
  • to request and acquire information, documents and other materials from individuals and legal entities, state agencies, public officials;
  • to carry out prejudicial inquiry, to gather evidences on information received about corruption offences, to take measures for implementation of inspections, inventories, expertise and other examinations in entities;
  • to carry out investigative activities on criminal cases;
  • to carry out all operational and search activities stipulated in the Article 10 of the “Operational and search activity” Act of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • to apply prosecutorial acts stipulated in the “Prosecutor’s Office” Act of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the aim to prevent cases conditioned corruption offences;
  • to inform relative state agencies and Commission on Combating Corruption on misconduct of non-criminal character;
  • to cooperate with anti-corruption and other law enforcement agencies of other countries, to carry out works in direction of improvement of international cooperation in the field of anti-corruption struggle, to learn international practice in this field and prepare recommendations;
  • to prepare recommendations for improvement of anti-corruption legislation;
  • to implement security measures aimed to protect workplaces and technical means of the Directorate against information leakage;
  • to supply Directorate’s staff with service arms, ammunition, technical means and other required equipment, to take measures for their protection;
  • to carry out enlightenment measures in the field of anti-corruption struggle;
  • to cooperate with international organizations, non-governmental organizations, mass media, experts specialized in anti-corruption field.